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    Pricing and options of the digital signature

    Stiply is known as the most user-friendly digital signing solution in the Benelux. Besides a user-friendly digital signing solution, we also keep prices friendly.


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    Stiply prijzen digitaal ondertekenen

    What does digital signing via Stiply cost after the trial period?

    User-friendliness is at the heart of Stiply's digital signature. The same goes for our prices. You pay per user and not per signing request or signer. We keep it simple and clear. With a Stiply subscription, you can start sending documents with peace of mind. You don't have to worry about credits etc.

    You can work with multiple users in one environment. This is handy in case of follow-up in case of illness or holidays. Add a user from within the application and he or she can start working directly from the same environment.

    Prefer a separate environment from another department? Then create a new environment and add users from the same department, for example.


    Like the 🌟 >1000 companies 🌟 that went before you, experience the convenience and benefits
    of digital signatures with Stiply. 


    Stiply Web - Professional

    Get started simply and quickly



    per user, per month

    No worries about the number of documents or credits. Payment is per user, not per document, number of signers, envelopes, etc.

    Up to 20 signers per document included

    Signing in order or random order

    Attachment possibility

    All field types

    Use Stiply for Word

    Authentication methods

    Automatic reminder

    Address book function

    Template function

    Automatic field placement

    Own look-and-feel/house style

    Mailing from own domain**

    Bulk functionality*


    Try 14 days for free

    Customer experience & flexibility

    Stiply Web - Enterprise

    Let all your colleagues work with Stiply

    plan a demo

    All standard Stiply Web functionalities

    Enterprise signing application

    360° customer experience

    Focused on growth and flexibility

    Central management of the application

    Possibility to use the API


    Use Stiply for Word

    Your own company portal on your own domain

    Multiple environments/departments

    Plan an introduction

    Integration in company software

    Stiply Connect API

    Work with Stiply from your software (API)

    plan a demo

    Digitally sign documents

    All web functions from an API integration

    API documentation

    SDK (PHP & C# .NET)

    All field types

    All authentication options



    Plan an introduction

    SMS authentication can be activated for €5 per user per month.
    Direct debit authorisation costs €10 per user per month.
    iDIN costs €0.70 per identification (no fixed costs).
    * For bulk functionality, an additional € 0.75 per signatory is charged.
    ** Mailing from own domain name can be activated for € 7.50 per account/month.
    For accounts with more than 10 users, this functionality costs € 15 per account/month. 

    Countless possibilities with Stiply

    Drawing on computer, tablet or smartphone
    Set up your own logo and house style
    Customise e-mail texts according to your own taste
    Send your own general terms and conditions and attachments
    Track progress of signing
    Detailed audit trail
    Choose the authentication method per signatory
    No fewer than 9 languages available for you and your signatories
    Obtain valid direct debit authorisations *
    SMS verification *
    And much more!

    *SMS verification and digital direct debit authorisation can be purchased as a bundle with a package for an additional charge.


    Stiply Web - Professional Stiply Web - Enterprise Stiply Connect API
    Number of documents
    The number of documents you can send without extra costs
    Multiple documents
    Send multiple documents to be signed at once
    Number of signees
    The amount op people you can ask to sign a document
    All field types
    Field types include signature fields, initial fields, date fields and text fields, for example.
    Word integration
    Simply submit a file for signature from your Word application.
    Automatic reminders
    Signees receive automatic notifications to complete the signing process.
    Address book function
    Save email addresses in your address book
    Automatic field placement
    Through Tags, the Stiply application can automatically position the right fields in the right places, without you having to use the drag-and-drop function to do so.
    Bulk functionality
    More than 12 signatories? The bulk functionality allows you to send a document in bulk for signature.
    Template functionality
    This function automates the placement of fields in documents that are always in a fixed place in the document. (e.g. the first page, the last page, etc.)
    Service Level Agreement - additional support arrangements
    The ability to sign your own document.
    90-day ability to retrieve and download signed documents.
    Forward functionality
    Not the right signee? The recipient can easily forward the signature request to the authorised person.
    All the statistics listed for you!
    At random or by signing order
    Have signatories sign at random or in certain order.
    Direct debit authorisation
    Send a direct debit authorisation along with a contract so you can collect directly.
    Status overview
    See where the signatory is in the process. (e.g. has opened the document)
    Audit trail
    Evidence with audit trail for compliancy purposes.
    Integration within your existing applications
    API documentation and SDK allow you to integrate Stiply into existing software.
    PIM & Microsoft OpenID
    Use your PIM or Microsoft credentials as the login method.
    Own branding
    Your own colours and logo in the application.
    Mailing from own domain
    Signature requests are sent from your own mail domain.
    Enterprise signing application
    Your own environment within Stiply.
    Central management
    Control and manage everything within your domain.
    Monthly reports
    Receive monthly reports.
    360° customer experience
    Your signer cannot see that the request comes from Stiply. Everything will remain in your domain.
    Own company portal
    A central portal that all users within your organisation can access.

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