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The most user-friendly signing solution in the Benelux

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    Digital signing

    Legally valid, simple and cost-effective.

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    The most user-friendly signing solution in the Benelux

    Replace the paper signature with the digital signature. Simplify and digitize the signing process within minutes. 

    ✓ Sign from any device
    ✓ Add up to 12 signers per document
    ✓ Send general terms and conditions or attachments easily
    ✓ Use your own branding (logo, texts, own domain name and own company portal)

    Monitor progress

    See at a glance the progress of your signature requests. Easy and secure overview via your own portal.  

    ✓ Clear overview
    ✓ Real-time progress tracking
    ✓ No signatures received? Send automatic reminders
    ✓ Only you and the signer(s) receive the signed document. We respect your privacy and apply the privacy-by-design principle.



    Work faster and smarter

    Save yourself and your organization time, effort, money and paper by digitizing the signing process. 

    ✓ Save up to thousands of euros per year
    ✓ Reduce paper use for a better environment 
    ✓ Reduce errors 
    ✓ Save tens of minutes per signature request sent
    ✓ Legal and secure
    ✓ More flexible and user-friendly for signers and customers


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    What does Stiply cost after the trial period?

    User-friendliness is important for Stiply. So is our pricing. We keep it simple and clear. 

    You can work with multiple users in one environment. This is very convenient in case of illness or vacation. Add a user from within the application and he or she can start working directly from the same environment.

    Prefer a separate environment from another department? Then create a new environment and add users from the same department, for example.

    Would you like to know more about the prices and associated functionalities? Then check out this pricing information.

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