Electronic signatures made simple

So simple in fact, that you and your team
will be signing documents within 5 minutes

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Do you have lots of documents signed?

what if you could do that much more efficiently?

Close deals faster

Forget having to print out, scan or stamp your documents. Your customers sign on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Elektronisch handtekeningen voortgang bijhouden

Monitor progress in real-time

Stiply allows you to keep track and stay organised. A neat overview of all your contracts allows you to survey the progress of each document at a glimpse.

Nooit meer nabellen of herinneringen sturen met Stiply

Forget reminders or follow-up calls

If a signatory does forget to sign your contract, with Stiply you can send a reminder in the blink of an eye. This means saving time and avoiding a lot of hassle..

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Making tedious business processes more fun
and saving paper in the process.
That is what we are all about.

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Forget printing and scanning

Send your contract using Stiply or directly, using your own software.
Stiply makes sure your document gets signed. Easy, right?.

Hoe werkt Stiply, Digitale Handtekening

What our customers say about using Stiply

Stiply allows me to send a signature reminder with the push of a button so I can save time for other work!

Mandy - Senior managent assistant

For a professional job agency, the ability to have many documents signed in a short amount of time is invaluable. Ever since we started using Stiply, this has become a piece of cake.

Koen Mallee - Managing director
Powerplay People

Thanks to Stiply, we have been driving a lot less kilometers to get signatures from our customers.

Kevin - CEO

Signing contracts was never this easy and even if someone forgets to sign your contract it is very simple to take action. A very useful tool indeed!

Lucas - Co-founder and Managing Director

By using Stiply Digital Contracts, we are able to take much faster action and place children with a daycare centre much more quickly.

René Lenters - Customer & Market Advisor
Sinne Kinderopvang
Harry Stiply

As a Stiply reseller, we can enable our partners to wrap up contract-related activities more quickly, so they can spend more time providing high-quality care – which is the core of their business.

Harry Kamp - Owner

If only we would have discovered Stiply earlier! Using Stiply has allowed us to save a huge amount of time.

Frank van Croonenburg - Operational Manager
Kinderopvang KOOS Logo

For Kinderopvang KOOS, using Stiply means saving time and benefiting from their excellent service.

Marijke Achterberg - Account Manager
Kinderopvang Koos
Elektronische Handtekening vereenvoudigd met Stiply

We work with partners in 11 different countries and at least 50% of all our contracts are signed with Stiply, which is not only more efficient but also a lot faster!

Jana - CCO
Elektronische Handtekening vereenvoudigd met Stiply

Using Stiply has made our customer process a lot faster and simpler. That’s great for us, but also for our customers.

Anton Visser - Account Manager


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