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    Electronic signatures made simple

    So simple in fact, that you and your team will be signing documents within 5 minutes.

    Experience the ease and speed with which you can have contracts and other documents digitally signed. With more than 1,000 customers in the Benelux, Stiply is the most user-friendly digital signing solution. 


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    Experience the ease, speed and positive reactions from users and signees who work with a digital signature.

    Close deals faster

    Close deals faster

    Forget having to print out, scan or stamp your documents. Your customers sign on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Monitor progress in real-time

    Monitor progress in real-time

    Stiply allows you to keep track and stay organised. A neat overview of all your contracts allows you to survey the progress of each document at a glimpse.


    Forget reminders or follow-up calls

    Forget reminders or follow-up calls

    If a signatory does forget to sign your contract, with Stiply you can send a reminder in the blink of an eye. This means saving time and avoiding a lot of hassle..

    Digital signing without worries

    You can choose to take out digital signing via a monthly or annual subscription. It is important to know that our prices are aimed at unburdening you as a customer or organisation as much as possible. Therefore, you get a complete package of functionalities that support the process of digital signing.

    You pay a fixed amount per month. You don't have to worry about document numbers or bundles.


    Stiply Web - Professional

    Get started simply and quickly



    per user, per month

    No worries about the number of documents or credits. Payment is per user, not per document, number of signers, envelopes, etc.

    Up to 20 signers per document included

    Signing in order or random order

    Attachment possibility

    All field types

    Use Stiply for Word

    Authentication methods

    Automatic reminder

    Address book function

    Template function

    Automatic field placement

    Own look-and-feel/house style

    Mailing from own domain**

    Bulk functionality*


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    Customer experience & flexibility

    Stiply Web - Enterprise

    Let all your colleagues work with Stiply

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    All standard Stiply Web functionalities

    Enterprise signing application

    360° customer experience

    Focused on growth and flexibility

    Central management of the application

    Possibility to use the API


    Use Stiply for Word

    Your own company portal on your own domain

    Multiple environments/departments

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    Integration in company software

    Stiply Connect API

    Work with Stiply from your software (API)

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    Digitally sign documents

    All web functions from an API integration

    API documentation

    SDK (PHP & C# .NET)

    All field types

    All authentication options



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    The Stiply subscription is deployable and scalable for any organisation. So you can start small with the digital signature, grow to the rest of the organisation and eventually provide the entire organisation with a solution on digital signing.


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