Our mission

Stiply’s mission is twofold and involves more
than digital signatures alone.

Making tedious business processes more fun and saving paper in the process

For us, increasing the level of satisfaction with which you do your job and paying attention to sustainability issues go hand in hand. The eradication of paper-based contracts matters to us, because it is:

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Better for your company

Repetitive business processes are inefficient and lead to an increased margin of error, longer lead times and unmotivated staff. Automating such processes saves money and time and allows people to do their jobs with a higher level of satisfaction. That is better for your company and better for your staff.

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Better for the environment

That the process of digitisation in the world continues to develop should come as no surprise. In view of this, we find it very hard to understand why paper wastage is still so common. Stiply is proud to be able to contribute to the minimisation of paper flows. Our contribution consists in the creation of beautiful software that anyone can understand. This is done to lower the threshold to paper wastage as much as possible.